Satan at Play
0 hour, 10 minutes
The Devil is bored. He goes back to Earth with a magic elevator. He surprises two sewer workers, disguises himself as a city man, and spreads improbable events: quarrel with a coachman, altercation with a city sergeant, mystification of a barman, quiproquo with couples… He's trapped in a cage with a young woman, and goes down to hell. Surprise, the young woman is Madame Devil who was disguised by jealousy. Satan s'amuse (Satan at Play) is a 1907 French silent film directed by pioneer Segundo de Chomón. It's often confused with Le spectre rouge (The Red Spectre), even in the IMDb database and therefore all YouTube and internet video attributions. No copies of the film are currently available for public viewing, and it is uncertain if any prints of this film exist at all.⁣ (Source: Henri Bousquet, Catalogue Pathé des années 1896 à 1914)